Property Valuation Services is a company founded on strength in principle, integrity and knowledge.  From the top down, our appraisers and support staff are equipped with the knowledge, tools and technologies to create quality appraisals that are precise and meaningful.

There are several areas that distinguish Property Valuation Services from its competitors.

RESEARCH  > Even before the appraiser arrives at the property, our research team is busy collecting market information, sales data, rental data, etc. We want our appraisers to be prepared and efficient because our clients deserve the best.

QUALITY APPRAISERS > The appraisers affiliated with PVS are all licensed or certified by the State of Illinois as well as other states.  In addition, there are two appraisers affiliated with PVS that have been awarded the MAI designation.

EXPERIENCE > Each report is reviewed by a senior appraiser to provide our clients with the vast knowledge and experience those appraisers have gained throughout their careers. 

THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF TECHNOLOGY > Our staff uses the latest and greatest technologies available.  From shared inter-office data, to internet based information, our staff is equipped with the best tools available.  The database of information, advanced appraisal tools, demographic analysis packages, and extensive custom programming allow us to do an appraisal faster and better than our competitors.

GREATER CHICAGO AREA COVERAGE > We are available to appraise properties throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond.